• Tips on How to Secure Your Identity While Filing Taxes Online

    September 15, 2021
  • Screen with protect your identity text with papers, a cup of coffee, and a small notebook on a brown wooden table.

    With important personal information being shared online every second, keeping your identity protected is now more pertinent than ever. Many individuals have taken a liking to file their taxes online through verified tax sites, and while that may be beneficial for some, it can be potentially harmful when trying to keep your information private. Thankfully, our professionals have come up with expert tips on how to keep you and your information safe when filing your taxes online this coming tax season. Keep reading below to learn more!

    Never Use Public Wi-Fi

    This may seem like an easy one, but never use public Wi-Fi or a public computer to file your taxes online. Public computers and wireless signals are connected to a single network that is easily accessible to virtually anyone that has the ability to hack a server. Always file your taxes at your home computer with a secure VPN, or virtual private network, which makes it impossible for someone to hack into your server and steal your identity.

    Choose A Strong PasswordWhite sticky note with a strong password written on the front and a laptop sitting on a table.

    Choosing a strong password for all your online accounts is essential to keeping your personal information protected. When creating a username and password for your online tax filing account, be sure to choose a strong and unique password that cannot be easily guessed by a hacker. For instance, never include your name or family members’ names, birthdays, or a combination of the two for your password. Computer hackers have the ability to have access to all of your information, including your date of birth and even the names of those in your family. Once you’ve created a strong password, be sure to change it every so often to keep your accounts and identity secure.

    Make Sure Your Computer Is Protected to Prevent Identity Fraud

    Have an anti-virus protection system on your computer is a must-have when it comes to your online safety. If your computer does not have security software or your software has expired, never enter any important information online as it is far more likely to be stolen. This includes entering banking/credit card information on accredited take sites. Installing and running security software on your device is easy and only takes a short time to complete for guaranteed safety and peace of mind.

    Be Aware of Unreliable Tax SitesPerson with black gloves holding social security cards over a black keyboard and stealing their information online.

    While there are a few reliable tax sites online that have been approved by the IRS, there are many sites that look official but are really run by thieves looking to steal your personal information. If you receive a random email from a tax company claiming to file your taxes for free or requesting information from you, never click on any links they provide and immediately block the sender of the email. Any professional IRS tax company will never request information from you through an email. Always be wary of unreliable tax websites.