• How Long Will it Take For Me to Get My Tax Refund?

    December 15, 2021
  • While everyone wants a definitive answer for when they are expected to receive their tax refund, unfortunately, it is different for every single person. There are a variety of documents that need to be reviewed by a professional accountant and approved by the IRS before any word of a refund is mentioned. Thankfully, our team at JLW Tax & Bookkeeping Services in Springfield, IL has broken down the things you should focus on before and after filing your taxes to speed up the process. Keep reading below to learn more!

    Before Filing Taxes

    Before filing your taxes in Springfield, IL, it’s important to gather every piece of information needed to accurately complete your tax filing. Our experts recommend getting a secure folder and start organizing everything from last year’s completed taxes, your social security card, and W-2 form, to the more in-depth pieces of information like your child’s information or any forms that may be needed to file a small business. Not only does this help to quicken the process, but it makes it easier for your JLW Tax & Bookkeeping Services accountant to follow along and file your taxes in one sitting.

    A woman in a yellow shirt grabbing the mail from her mailbox and looking for her tax refund in Springfield, IL.After Filing Taxes

    After filing your taxes, this is where the waiting begins and patience is forced to settle in. The IRS states that most refunds are issued in less than 21 calendar days. While it is entirely possible to receive your refund in as little as a week, 21 days is set aside for the IRS to run checks on your filed taxes to make sure that everything is in order before a refund is sent out electronically through direct deposit or placed in a check and mailed off to your residence in Springfield, IL. For quick and easy tax filing services, reach out to our experts at JLW Tax & Bookkeeping Services.

    It’s Been More Than 21 Days, What Now?

    While 21 days is the standard time for a refund to be received, there are times where that period is surpassed. Most of the time this means that there may be an issue with your filed taxes including errors, incomplete information, and even identity theft or report of fraud. Thankfully, JLW Tax & Bookkeeping Services in Springfield, IL is here to make sure that when your taxes are filed, the only thing you should be looking for is a check! We have years of experience helping local residence file their taxes without a worry, schedule a consultation with one of our accountants today!

    A white envelope with six one-hundred-dollar bills sticking out and a check that says where’s my check from an accountant in Springfield, IL.Track Your Refund

    With modern technology comes modern conveniences – and the same mindset can be placed towards your tax returns. The IRS has created a digital tracking system that allows Springfield, IL residents to check the status of their most recently filed tax returns to get an idea of when it will arrive in their account or by mail. At JLW Tax & Bookkeeping Services, we always provide our clients with this information to help better the waiting time for their tax refunds. Give us a call today at (217) 679-1872 to learn more about how to use this tax tracking system!