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Why You Shouldn’t Use an Electronic Tax Filing System This Year

Tax preparation software promises to guide you through the process without a tax preparer’s help. The service looks easy at first, but as you start filling out the forms, the questions become increasingly confusing. You keep going back, checking your paperwork, and searching for answers online, leaving you wondering if you correctly filed your taxes in the end. JLW Tax & Bookkeeping tax preparation services streamline the process for businesses and individuals in Springfield, IL. Instead of filing your taxes online through an electronic tax filing system, schedule an in-person visit to take advantage of these benefits.

1. Tax Preparation Saves Money

Using an online tax filing system looks affordable, but hiring a professional can save money in the long run. Many supposedly “free” services surprise you with a bill at the end. They might charge you because you made too much to qualify or need to file special documents, such as the 1099-MISC.

When you bring your tax documents to a professional, they’ll give you an up-front fee so that you can plan ahead. They can also help you look ahead to the following year.

Additionally, you might miss out on a higher refund that could have covered the preparation fees and left you with extra cash. Many people overlook tax credits, deductions, and write-offs when they file taxes themselves. Accountants can also suggest strategies that maximize your refund.

2. Tax Preparers Avoid Mistakes

Common mistakes include choosing the wrong filing status, misspelling personal information, adding numbers incorrectly, and forgetting to report part of your income. If you catch the mistake, you’ll have to file an amended return. At best, you might have to wait longer for your refund. However, major errors can result in audits, penalties, and charges for back taxes.

Tax preparers in Springfield, IL are trained to avoid mistakes. They’ll help you correctly file the first time so that you get your refund as soon as possible with no late fees. The professionals at JLW Tax & Bookkeeping Services also answer your questions, eliminating the need to call the IRS or scour the Internet.

3. Filing Taxes is Easier

Filing taxes was simple when you had one job and were single with no dependents. However, life changes have complicated your taxes. You might have gotten married, had a child, taken out a mortgage, invested in property, held multiple jobs, or received a large inheritance. Suddenly, you’re dealing with a whole stack of documents.

Preparation services take care of the work. All you have to do is bring accurate documentation of your financial status.

4. You Don’t Have to Keep Up with New Laws

Even if your status hasn’t changed, new laws and codes might affect your tax return. Accountants stay on top of the laws to file accurate returns on your behalf.

Call JLW Tax & Bookkeeping Services at 217.679.1872 or contact us online for tax preparation services in Springfield, IL. We’ll help you prepare and file taxes to maximize your potential refund while adhering to the latest tax laws. Our services also include bookkeeping, accounting, and payroll management.

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