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How Do I Fix My Incorrect Tax Return?

Filing your taxes is stressful enough as is, especially if you are doing them on your own or through a somewhat trustworthy tax website. However, if you notice a mistake after you’ve submitted it, try not to panic; there is a way to amend your honest errors! With help from local accountants like ours at JLW Tax & Bookkeeping Services in Springfield, IL, we can help amend your tax return in a few simple steps. Keep reading below to learn more about how to amend your state or federal tax returns.

Complete the 1040-X Form

The 1040X form is the first document you will need to obtain and fill out to begin the amended process of your tax return. This form must be filled out on paper and mailed to the IRS with proof of your original tax return and the amended form. Depending on the reason for amending your taxes, you may need help from a professional accountant. Our experts at JLW Tax & Bookkeeping Services in Springfield, IL have years of experience helping individuals easily amend their taxes to get their entitled refund as quickly as possible.

Know When Not to Amend Your Taxes

A stack of tax returns with a broken pencil and pink eraser sitting on an accountant’s desk in Springfield, IL.If you have just filed your taxes for the year and feel that something was overlooked, don’t panic and try to amend your taxes. Our JLW Tax & Bookkeeping Services accountants are here to inform you of the times when you should and should not amend your taxes. Amending a tax return can be a lengthy process, so make sure that there is a mistake before contacting the IRS. You should amend your taxes only if there is an apparent numerical error and the tax return has been filed within three years. If you forgot to add a form to your current or previous tax return, the IRS will be in contact, and you can send it in with the help of our Springfield, IL experts.

How to Amend State Taxes

Amending a state tax return is easy, thanks to the help of our accountants at JLW Tax & Bookkeeping Services in Springfield, IL. First, start by filling out an amended 1040X form that can be accessed with help from your local accountant, and then begin filling out the requested information. When amending a state tax return, specific documents are unique to each state. Therefore, ensure you know the form you need before mailing or electronically submitting your amended returns. When filling out these forms, you should have a copy of your original tax return, your 1040 X form, and a form required from your state (if applicable).

How to Amend Federal Taxes

Small wooden letter blocks spelling the world amend about amended and fixing an incorrect tax return in Springfield, IL.Amending federal taxes is slightly easier than state taxes due to the minimal forms required to complete the process. Just as you would amend your state taxes with a 1040X form, you will only need this form for your federal taxes, as well as a copy of your original tax return. All you need to do, with help from our JLW Tax & Bookkeeping Services accountants, is to check the box at the top of the form stating that you are amending your current or previous year’s taxes. Unfortunately, federal amended returns cannot be processed electronically, so you must mail your forms to the IRS. Give our Springfield, IL tax office a call today at 217.679.1872 with help amending your 2021 or previous tax returns.

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